Relaxing Flowers

Adult Coloring Book
Relaxing Flowers Adult Coloring Book

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Enjoy a beautiful and relaxing journey in the realm of flowers with this adult coloring book! You will be welcomed by a multitude of flower designs, leaves and butterflies awaiting for you to color them. All these flower illustrations and garden landscapes are printed on single sided pages, ranging in complexity from simple to medium.

In this adult coloring book you will find 50 different well crafted floral illustrations that will provide you hours and hours of relaxing coloring experiences.

Enjoy your relaxing and stress relieving journey in the realm of flowers!

  • 50 different well crafted flower and leaves illustrations;
  • All illustrations are printed on single-sided pages;
  • Color test page to see how your coloring supplies react to the paper;
  • Ideal for stress relieving and relaxation;
  • Simple to medium complexity.

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*This book contain the same illustrations as my other book “Draw and Color Relaxing Flowers”, but in contrast with the other book where the illustrations are printed with thin, dashed and semitransparent lines to let you draw the illustrations before you color them, in this book the illustrations are printed with normal lines like in any other coloring book.